Is there a best way to approach someone for a date?

Approaching women

Approaching women on a dating app requires a blend of respect, authenticity, and tact.

As in life, “Honesty is the best policy” when approaching someone who you yet do not know.

We say “Approaching women” because although these are days when women are just as able to approach a guy for a date, typically it is still the guys who approach women for a date.

When approaching someone, please start by carefully reading her profile to understand her interests and what she is seeking in a match. When she realizes that you took the time to read her profile, this will not only show her that you have a genuine interest in her, but also gives you topics to discuss. You can ask her: You really like the book “Green eggs and Ham?”  

By knowing that she likes “Green eggs and Ham” very much, that helps you to begin the conversation with a personalized message rather than generic greetings or – heaven forbid – “pick-up” lines. Comment on a shared interest or ask a thoughtful question that relates to the details she has shared about herself.

Maintain politeness and respect throughout your interaction. Avoid overly familiar or intimate remarks, as these can be off-putting. Instead, foster a light, engaging conversation where you both get to know each other. Showing a sense of humor can also be beneficial, as long as it is appropriate and does not make fun of her or others. Finally, be patient and give her time to respond; respecting her pace helps build a comfortable and trusting environment. Best of Luck, “It could be fate, try FindAmate.”